Industry Experience

Prior to entering academia I worked in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations both within and outside of the United States. 

I began my professional career at an international economic development nonprofit (International Samaritan) that alleviates poverty in communities that form next to garbage dumps.  One of my primary responsibilities was to interview aid recipients and create short films to communicate donation impact. The stories I heard deepened my conviction that a person's claim to dignified housing, safety, health, and opportunity should not depend on nationality, gender, skin color, or any other aspect of their identity.  

I also spent several years working for Google, Inc. I first worked in San Francisco as an account strategist for several of Google's fastest growing, high potential clients in Canada, helping them cultivate a digital presence. I then spent three years as an expatriate in one of Google's newest offices in Santiago, Chile, again helping client organizations build their digital presence.  Living and working abroad in my second language was one of the most challenging and gratifying times of my professional career.  While employed at Google I worked with hundreds of client companies across a variety of industries, including Travel, Retail, Education, Finance, CPG, and Government. These experiences influenced my academic interest in understanding what work means to people and the art of organizing people to work toward a shared purpose.